Our Own Nursery located in Stewartsville, NJ -5.5 Acres of the highest quality plant material

Wholesale and Retail Sales

A sampling of the plant material that we are currently growing:
• Acer rubrum "Sun Valley"
• Buxus microphylla korenea "Winter Gem"
• Cornus kousa and mas
• Euonymus alatus "Timber Creek" (Chicago Fire)
• Ilex x aquipernyi "San Jose", crenata "Jersey Pinnacle", and x meserveae "Blue Princess"
• Syringa meyer "Palibin"
• Viburnum carlesi, plicatum "Summer Snowflake", x Pragense, and x rhytidophylum Alleghany
• Thuja occidentalis "Smaragrd" (Emerald Green)

Price, size & availability upon request

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